How is Registry Select able to offer such great deals?

We have direct access to the Global Distribution System, which means we can eliminate up to four levels of distribution. Our prices are unaltered straight from the GDS, which can save you as much as 80% on online travel agency prices.

Can I get more availability with Registry Select than Timeshare?

To determine availability, Timeshare depends on an exchange system. Often a resort week will show as unavailable, even if they do not have a booking. Exchange companies want to make as many deals as possible, and may black out available dates that do not have sufficient “trading power” to secure a deal. We, on the other hand, take our reservation requests directly to the resort, and don’t have to rely on exchanges for availability.

Are Registry Select Services subject to blackout periods?

We try to provide our resorts, hotels, cruise ship operators and other affiliates with as much occupancy as we can. While we respect their choice to charge a higher rate for holiday weeks, Registry Select does not put any blackout periods in place.

Do you charge guest fees for non-members?

Any member of Registry Select can make a booking in the name of other persons using the reservation with no additional fees. Our members can make as many reservations up to the limit stated in their contract.

How long does a Registry Select Membership last?

Our contracts are custom designed to each individual client, to suit their particular needs. Membership contracts can range from anything as little as five years, to perpetual contracts that can be passed to family members in the future.

If I am uncertain about a vacation or destination, what should I do?

You can talk to one of our experts about any concerns you might have by calling our toll-free number. We can offer assistance on booking, give you itinerary options, or answer any questions you might have.

Do I have access to Timeshare vacations as a Registry Select member?

As a member, you’ll have access to thousands of resorts, hotels, cruises, airlines and tour packages with no restrictions or black out dates. Even better than Timeshare.

What’s the difference between Timeshares and Registry Select?

Timeshare owners are committed to ownership in a single organization with very specific limits of how they can be used, this is known as a closed business model. In most cases, this commits them to mandatory annual user or maintenance fees, and limits the owners options to destinations that are affiliated with their exchange company. In contrast, ours is an open business model. Registry Select member have access to over 500,000 options for travel. We offer a variety of travel opportunities you won’t find anywhere else, and members only pay for the reservations; no maintenance or user fees needed.