Terms & Conditions



The Registry Select International is a legally established corporation whose main offices are located at Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico with call centers Worldwide.

The corporate purpose of Registry Select International is to act as a mediator, by means of a private member based online travel agency, pursuant to the clauses below.


  1.  Pursuant to this membership agreement for access to Registry Select International, the member acquires the right to the travel and hospitality options available through the online travel directories of REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL.
  2. The member has access to the destinations and travel venues of the REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL program up to the limits of the terms and conditions of the agreement and those limits expressed on the cover on the cover page of his purchase agreement.
  3. The member understands that in order to protect the interests of REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL and all other members of the online travel agency, it is strictly forbidden to exhibit on any public media, including bulletin boards, social sites or any other forum, comments of any nature about the REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL program.  Failure to comply with this condition will result in the immediate cancellation of the agreement with the member and the loss of all benefits.
  4. The member will have access to any and all preferential benefits of the REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL program up to the limits of the purchase agreement.
  5. The member understands that reservation fees may not include taxes, entertainment packages or “all inclusive fees”.  All such fees are entirely the responsibility of the member.
  6. The validity of this agreement shall be for the number on nights and period of years described on the cover page of the member’s purchase agreement.  This agreement will be renewed each year on the anniversary date of the agreement, provided that the member has abided by the terms and conditions of the agreement and that any and all fees have been paid.  When the term of the agreement expires all benefits and privileges of this agreement become null and void.
  7. The member agrees that the provisions of this agreement are dependent on compliance with the terms of payment described on the cover page of his purchase agreement.  Failure to comply with the payment provisions of the agreement will suspend all the member activities and may lead to the cancellation of the entire agreement.
  8. The annual fee, due on the anniversary date of this agreement, is currently $99.00 USD.  Said fee may be paid in equivalent funds of the currency where the member resides.  The annual fee is subject to change based on the rate of inflation for the dollar of the United States of North America.  Changes in the annual fee will be prominently posted on the REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL web site within 15 days of the proposed change.
  9. Failure to pay the annual fee will result in suspension of all benefits accorded to the member by his agreement.  Late fees of $25.00 USD will be applied at 30 days past the due date of the relevant fee.  At 60 days past the due date, an advisory will be sent indicating that the member has 15 days to pay any fees due or the agreement will become permanently null and void.
  10. The member hereby expresses consent to the automatic renewal of this agreement at the anniversary date on the cover page of his agreement and authorizes the billing for said fee.
  11. The member understands that under no circumstances will there be any reimbursement on the part of REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL, the primary contractor or any service provider that has supplied nights or any other service not completed within the time and terms of this agreement.
  12. The member agrees that occupancy rules are established by the destination service provider and are not the responsibility of REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL.  The member may select the appropriate size accommodation for each of the Nights described in the cover letter of his purchase agreement.
  13. The member understands that REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL acts only as a mediator for any of the services offered by this agreement.  Reservations are subject to the availability established by the service provider or the destination property not by REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL.
  14. All reservations must be made by phone, electronic mail, and regular mail or directly online at www.registryselectinternational.com.  No third parties may act as agents for REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL or make any reservations not made in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  15. The nights listed on the cover page of this agreement are not negotiable items.  They may not be exchanged for cash or be substituted for lodging with any other company.
  16. Reservation requests may be made with a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of one year in advance of the desired travel date.
  17. In the event that there is no availability for the dates and destination desired, call the REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL concierge for help with alternative offers.
  18. Reservations will be considered confirmed when the member has received written notice from REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL or from the service provider directly.  It is the sole responsibility of the member to check reservation confirmations for accuracy.  In case of errors in the confirmation, the member must contact the issuing agent immediately.  Changes to a correct and confirmed reservation are entirely the province of the service provider for that reservation.  REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL is not responsible for the policies of the vendors or service providers involved with this agreement and may not be compelled to modify a confirmed reservation.
  19. No reservation will be confirmed until the member has paid the appropriate occupation fee.
  20. All questions or comments concerning the use should be addressed to accounts@registryselectinternational.com
  21. Discounts and specially priced services are entirely at the discretion of the service provider and may be changed at any time without notice.
  22. Requests for cancellation of confirmed reservations are between the member and the service provider.  REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL cannot be held responsible for disputes concerning changes to a confirmed reservation.  In the event that the member does not use a confirmed reservation, no refunds will be made either by the service provider or REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL.
  23. Any problems arising from the use of a service or habitation must be addressed to the appropriate person at the offices of the service provided.  In the event that the service provider is unresponsive, then a written explanation must be sent to accounts@registryselectinternational.com within 10 days of the specified problem.
  24. The only services agreed between the parties are those specified on the cover page of the members’ agreement and in the terms and conditions detailed here and in the written agreement with the member.
  25. In the rare event that the member, with a confirmed reservation, is refused service for any reason, then the member agrees that the service provider is the responsible party.  The service provider must provide equal or better housing at an equivalent resort or hotel or reimburse 100% of the members expenses incurred as a result of the disqualified reservation. The member agrees that REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL and its affiliate companies may not be held responsible for the negligence and breach of commitment at the destination property.  REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL will provide assistance to the member to obtain the services necessary and by negotiating with the destination resort for indemnification pursuant to law.
  26. REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL or its’ affiliated companies cannot be held responsible for loss or damages as the result of Force Majeure or Acts of God occurring at any time during the reservation and travel period.
  27. This agreement refers to an application for membership in a private online travel agency.  Therefore, the provisions in article 56 of the Federal Act for Consumer Protection within Mexico, regarding the consent reversal of the member does not apply to any right of reimbursement.  The member may request the early termination of this agreement without judicial sentence through a written notice addressed to REGISTRY SELECT INTERNATIONAL at accounts@registryselectinternational.com.
  28. All parties agree that in the event of any dispute that may arise from the interpretation of this agreement, as well as for the compulsory fulfillment thereof, they shall be expressly subject to the jurisdiction of Commercial Courts of the State of Sinaloa, Mexico expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them according to their current of future domicile.
  29. The member acknowledges that there was no coercion, willful misconduct, harm, bad faith, error or any other vice of consent whatsoever against the parties during the execution of this agreement,.  The member expressly waives any right to legal action that may correspond to them in order to contest the circumstances mentioned above.